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Our El Paso Performing Arts Competition Teams are pushed to be as best as they can be! We have attended multiple competitions and conventions, local and out of town. We have attended Showstopper multiple times, Starbound, and NUVO Competitions and Workshops.


2023 Competitions Attended

Chihuahua Dance Classic -
Midnight in Jazz 🥇
Can’t Stop This 🥇
Happier Than Ever 🥇
Uprising 🥇
Teeth 🥈

Sun City Dance Classic -

For Whom the Bell Tolls🥈
Black Panther (Harley’s Solo) 🥈

NUVO - Westminster, CO -

Pippa - Gold
Denise - Gold
Catalina - High Gold, 10th place Minis
Daria - Gold
Sabrina - Gold

Duos and Groups
Can’t Touch This - Gold
Happier Than Ever - High Gold
Midnight - Gold
Uprising - High Gold, 1st Place Minis
M.I.B. - Gold
Teeth - Gold

Scholarship Recipients
Pippa - Standout in Tap
Catalina - Standout in Tap

EPPA Company

6th Season!!

Congratulations to our 2024 Company Dancers!!!

We look forward to a wonderful 6th Season!!!

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